Bruichladdich 10 Year Old 1st Edition

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About the distillery

Bruichladdich Distillery is a distillery on the Rhinns of the isle of Islay in Scotland. The distillery produces mainly single malt Scotch whisky, but has also offered artisanal gin. It is owned by Rémy Cointreau after being owned by Mark Reyneir.

One interpretation of the Gaelic word Bruichladdich is “stony shore bank”, referring to a post-glacial raised beach, though an alternative, perhaps more pertinent translation may be “rocky lee shore”.

Pronunciation : “brook-laddie”

Other Information

The old silver tinned Bruichladdich 10 year old, discontinued packaging that has been replaced by the ‘Laddie Ten’.

Please note rusting 

Fresh, vibrant and as clean as a whistle.

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